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Bajancentral .com is an Advanced Marketing Solutions company which specializes in Digital Marketing & New Client Acquisition. We are able to provide progressive companies with the same comprehensive set of techniques which were once only available to top tier companies within the industry. Our clients receive solutions which utilize cutting edge technology, and once put into action can effect an exponential increase in overall company awareness, sales and new client acquisition.

At BajanCentral.com we focus on more than just the execution of any one project. We view each project as part of a symbiotic relationship and make certain all other elements are strategically aligned to ensure you the highest possible return on your investment. The implementation of our strategies and methods not only ensures a smooth transition between various forms of marketing, but also brings a new found awareness to certain elements never experienced to date by some businesses. Some of these elements include:

Some of these elements include:

  • The option of replacing traditional advertising channels with a more cost effective medium.
  • Tracking the results of your marketing “in real time” as opposed to finding out months later.
  • The ability to quickly adapt to market changes; hence allowing the opportunity to improve results.
  • Levelling the playing field by allowing your company to compete fairly with industry leaders.
  • A significant increase in lead generation opportunities due to a more targeted audience.

Our Advanced Marketing Solution is a much needed resource which not only puts you at the forefront of people who are actively searching for your products and services, but educates those who are not yet ready to buy until they are ready to become your customers. If you are looking to get better results from your existing Marketing Plan, or you’re looking to devise a plan suitable for this digital age then stop stalling and Contact Us today!

New Technology


Our company has technological resources which have been virtually unexplored by our competition. This in turn improves the scalability and efficiency of the services we offer our clients.

Better Solutions


With more options come better choices, and better choices lead to better solutions. Our solutions are tailor-made not based on traditional methods, but more so on what will work!

Unique Approach


We believe that everything is a part of a whole and your marketing is part of a bigger ecosystem within itself. These principles though at times “counter intuitive” guarantee great results and a positive ROI.

Why Choose BajanCentral?



The size of your company or budget doesn't matter. We create solutions to meet the immediate needs of your business.



Numbers don't lie. Analytics and statistics are important elements which provide the necessary information your business needs.



Marketing is only a cost if there are no results. Our minimum goal for our clients is a five to six times return on their investment.

An Overview Of Our Business

Professional, results oriented, reliable and remarkable are a few of the terms our clients have used to express how they view our company. Our solutions not only produce tangible results, but in addition allows our clients to understand how the process of marketing affects the overall output of their business.

When it comes to technology we have totally knocked the ball out of the park, and we can offer your business exclusive solutions which will definitely have a positive impact on your marketing expenditure.

We really love what we do, and this love is only surpassed by the satisfaction we receive when we create viable solutions for our clients. It is this satisfaction which fuels us to over deliver on our services every single time. Local calls and emails are still for free, so stop looking and Contact Us today!

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