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Audio Presentations (Vocal)

Audio presentations are everywhere, and in today’s world marketing is more concerned with learning than it ever was before. Studies have been done with various focus groups to observe sensory adaptation, and to determine the “best practices” by which to deliver messages to their intended audience. Business professionals have always been aware of visual imagery’s effectiveness; however many still aren’t fully cognizant of the overwhelming impact audio presentations can have on their business. I’d go as far to say that many business don’t have an iota of audio material which they can use as a marketing tool for future engagement. This is sad especially when one takes into consideration the way audio presentations have affected the way we do business. Take a look at how they are used below.


Audio Presentations In Business

Yes of course we have all heard radio / tv ads, but there is so much more to audio presentations than just those two basic means. Let’s take a look at a few that came to mind while writing this article:

– TV Advertisements
– Videos Presentations
– Radio Advertising
– Phone Greetings
– On Hold / Please Wait Messages
– Internet Programs
– Website Welcome Pages
– Business Training Tutorials
– Audio Books
– Narrations
– Product Launches
– Power Point Presentations
– Explainer Videos
– probably more…

I think you get the idea. Tell me…how many of you who just read the list above said to yourself “Audio books”, “explainer videos”, “website welcome pages”, “narrations”, “business training tutorials”…I don’t need those! If you did you may be missing the point of what it takes to really maximize the full output of your business. Have you ever gone to the movies or seen a movie trainer? If you haven’t take a look at this one and listen for the audio presentations. When you are finished viewing the video try watching it again with the sound off :-). Click the link below if you don’t see the trailer image.

You should begin to realise that audio presentations are a big deal and can set the mood for engagement. This trailer without the sound efects would have been average at best; however the director used audio cues to sensationalize the trailer and create a dramatic effect.


The Reason Why Businesses Should Use Audio Presentations

The world is all about statistics and it is interesting what the experts say about the way people retain information. The way people retain and remember what is said about your business should be a direct indicator of how you need to market to them.


Auditory Presentations Auditory Presentations

Now you should be getting the idea. 40% is a LOT! Imagine if you lost 40% of your customers…how would that impact on your business? Let’s just hope the 20% that’s responsible for the 80% of your business doesn’t fall into that bracket. Another interesting statistic which is even more important than the above can be seen below.


Auditory Presentations

So yes 75% retention is a lot. Ever wondered why so many people can remember all the lyrics to a song, but can’t sometimes remember their own name? Well now you know. This is the reason why getting your message to that 40% of the population who retains 75% of what they hear is so important. Audio Presentations have also been known to act in the customers sub-conscious, and as a result influences their buying decisions without them actually knowing.

In summary every business should have their own Audio Presentation which can be used as marketing material for their intended audience. At BajanCentral we have a large library of audio presentations which we use to target specific audiences. With todays marketing diversity your approach must also be somewhat diverse.

Should you need more info on our approach towards this form of marketing just Contact Us. We can help increase your awareness by giving you a custom made solution which will ensure a positive ROI(Return On Investment) for your business.

If you want to listen to one of our Audio Presentations just Click Here!

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