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Explains the benefits of BajanCentral’s marketing services.

Audio Presentations (Vocal)

Audio presentations are everywhere, and in today’s world marketing is more concerned with learning than it ever was before. Studies have been done with various focus groups to observe sensory adaptation, and to determine the “best practices” by which to deliver messages to their intended audience. Read More

Video Intros & Editing

In today’s busy world the whole reason for advertising and marketing is really to get the viewer’s attention. Think about it…with all the thousands of events, circumstances, product launches, articles, controversial topics and other “captivating” articles available online, Read More

Sales Coaching Tailor-made

Sales coaching is sometimes overlooked by many businesses for the main reason that many believe it is something a person must be born with. We sometimes hear people talk about the “gift of gab” or being a “natural born” salesperson; however there could be nothing further from the truth. Read More

Sales Scripts Customized By BajanCentral

Whether you want to believe it or not the majority of high-end companies that do business over the telephone all have scripted responses for their customers. Read More

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  • EazyApp Premium Member Bonus

    EazyApp Premium Member Bonus

    07 09, 2016

    Thanks again for subscribing to EazyApp, and be sure to stay alert for more giveaways like this in the near future. Our mission is to not only provide you with the best marketing technology to date, but to give you the tools to ensure your investment becomes a guaranteed success. Read More

  • Redesign Your Document & Anything Else

    Redesign Your Document & Anything Else

    06 21, 2016

    In business one essential skill is knowing how and when to change. In this post we will be addressing how to redesign visual elements in your business, and the needed steps to take into consideration when doing so. Read More

  • How A Survey Can Save Your Entire Business

    How A Survey Can Save Your Entire Business

    01 24, 2016

    Many businesses in operation today still haven’t realised how powerful a survey can be, and how it could literally be a lifesaver for their entire operation. How is this? Well…first we must realise that similarly to most things a survey is merely a tool, and the efficiency of the tool depends solely on the person who wields it. Read More