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Copywriting is probably one of the most underestimated components of the whole marketing equation. I mean let’s be honest guys…when most businesses have a big promotion they want advertised in print, they usually concentrate on two (2) things:

a) Getting a graphic designer to do a poster
b) The advertising medium (newspaper, internet, email blast, etc.)

I used the above as an example mainly because the majority of businesses can more than likely relate to print advertising in opposed to say “television” advertising. In the scenario above when the owner reviews the poster they tend to be more captivated by graphics than anything else. Now some of you would say “Oh no dude we check the words to make sure it says what we want it to say”…ok great, but understand that in majority cases what you want to say and the effectiveness of “what you said” are two completely different things.

Hey btw (that means “by the way” for those of you not accustomed to texting :-D) look at what the experts define as the meaning for the term “copywriting”.

“Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action.” – Source:

Note the words “science” & “art” as they both usually mean there’s a technique involved. There is more to copywriting than just words…it’s the driving force behind what makes people buy!

How Copywriting Affects Your Marketing


Copywriting vs SEO

We all know how important it is to have your website Search Engine Optimized (SEO), and how web designers have the ability to increase your ranking (via specialized coding) in Google and other popular search engines correct?


Copywriters now hold that power.

Since Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, a website’s ranking is mainly contingent on the quality of their content. In other words Google is now more concerned with what is written & how it is presented to the viewer. SEO is still important; however it isn’t the main attribute held into consideration when Google displays your website in search engine results. The ability to captivate a viewer’s interest is now a major factor when it comes to how your website will be ranked against your competitors. Guess who is responsible for writing the quality content…you probably guessed it – a copywriter.


Copywriting vs Graphic Designers

Graphic design is of paramount importance, and although it is definitely an important element in your marketing, let’s not forget there is more to a message than just the visual. Even if a design is capable of getting the message across independently (rarely happens, but does happen) there will still be a need for follow up messaging and that’s where a copywriter is needed. The most effective illustrations are those which have an excellent design and a well-crafted message which reflects the overall theme.

To bring this point closer to home imagine you have a website which viewers rate an A+ based on aesthetic value. This means people will visit your website and at least take a few minutes to experience the grand tour. Now suppose you have a website for the main reason of gaining new business (which is usually the reason for over 90% of websites), after they take the grand tour what happens next? Well for starters the viewer is going to start reading the content of your website. Based on the writing style, persuasive tone, clarity and overall savviness of the writer the viewer is going to either consider making a purchase, or visit another website more aligned with their expectations. Here’s a rule of thumb…Design attracts, copy sells!


Copywriting vs Social Media

Is there anyone who doesn’t use some form of social media today?
Special Note: If your parents ever ask you to create a Facebook account for them be sure to tell them “DARN-TOOTING NO!”…Lol…just kidding as doing so may force them to revoke your internet access indefinitely. :-(

Right, where were we? Ah yes…Everyone uses social media today; however one should bear in mind that social media is merely a way to inform someone about what you have to offer (assuming you are using social media for business). What this means is after you have disseminated your message you still have to provide a landing page where interested persons can receive additional information regarding your offer. The viewer “clicking” your social media links shows they have a degree of interest in your product/service; however the landing page is ideally where the selling takes place as it is your words which will persuade those interested viewers into making a purchase.



Copywriting vs Sales People

Ok, now some of you may have a sales team who is responsible for selling the goods and services for your business. Let me ask you a question…”have you ever bought anything online?” and if so “was there a sales person there to assist you in making the purchasing?” In majority cases “yes” you have bought something online and “no” there wasn’t a sales person there to assist you. Does this mean the sales person isn’t needed? Of course not! What it does mean however is that it’s very possible to sell a product to someone by just using the correct words. If this is the case wouldn’t you want your sales people to be armed with the right words every single time they engaged new potential customers?


The Truth

There are many elements responsible for consumers making purchasing decisions; however copywriting is the one element which is needed at all stages of the sales process. The reason for this is because we as humans use words to teach, communicate and reinforce ideas which affect us in our everyday living. If you watch television you will see well established companies always sending messages your way. These messages (in the form of advertisements) are specifically crafted to not only capture your attention, but to make it easy for you to remember them when it is time for you to make your next purchase. Pay attention to how you use your words, and your customers will surely do the same.

Do you have the time to be a copywriter for your business? Or maybe you just want that engaging content that makes people bump their knee on the table as they scramble in desperation to share it. Regardless of the reason we can help you craft the words which will make your audience take action. Save time, increase conversions & make more money by applying the science of copywriting to all your copy today. Need more information? No problem. Click this link to get started!

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