Corporate Identity Creation

Corporate Identity Creation

Corporate identity creation is usually a collection of visual elements which sends a clear message about your business to the viewer. The main reason for this element is to distinguish your business from other businesses; hence making it easier for your business to be identified amongst the competition.

It would be good to know that corporate identity creation has somewhat evolved over the years and not only refers to relevant imagery, but includes the reason for the company’s existence, its history, beliefs, philosophy, technology, people, ethics and cultural values. It can be somewhat of a complicated discourse, so in this excerpt we shall be focusing on the term as it is used in the designing industry. In the design industry corporate identity is seen as the development of a logo design which then covers the look of all marketing materials such as business stationery, websites, brochures, signage, posters, envelopes, business cards etc. with the aim of making it uniform and instantly recognisable to customers.

Corporate Identity Creation – Example Below

Corporate Branding Creation Corporate Branding Creation


Why Corporate Identity Is So Important

Take a look around you. Actually better yet take a look at the image below.

Pictures Taken

Now I am not 100% sure if you have realised this, but we live in an image driven world. With the advent of social media, websites, smart phones, tablets, online businesses, marketing platforms…oh and let’s not forget good ol’ “Google”, images are now more important than they’ve ever been before (I hope you all know there is a part on the Google website which allows you to search by image. It would not be there if it was not important).

With all this information floating around out there, the average person doesn’t have time to read it all. The brain associates images before words; hence the reason why so many marketers are now using infographics to get messages across to their audience. Here is the point – images are not only important… they are very important! If you fail to have powerful imagery (or no imagery at all) associated with your business you stand the risk of being forgotten when your target audience views imagery from your competitor.


Why A logo Is Important In Corporate Identity Creation

Besides the aesthetic value & professionalism of everything associated with your business having a unified appeal, there is one particular component of your corporate identity which is very important – your logo! The company logo is used in practically all aspects of marketing as it is the visual representation of what your company represents. The colours used are important, the imagery and more so the concept of the logo itself. Everything about your logo speaks volumes regarding what your business represents and determines how it will be perceived by your audience going forward. It is also good to know that your logo will be responsible for the overall look of all your marketing materials. In other words it is hard to establish a corporate identity without a logo.


Do You Need To Re-Design Your Logo?

Note I have not even entertained the option of not having a logo. Any business which is serious about business will have a logo…it really is that simple. If you fall into that category of not having a logo, I strongly suggest you get a designer to conceptualize one for you. I will talk about logo cost in the next few paragraphs, but if you can’t wait just click Right Here and we will respond to your query with insightful information to help you get started.

Now some businesses do eventually realise they may have to re-design their logo. Sometimes it is because they can see the logo is no longer a “right fit” for the company, there are times when someone in the business finally realises the logo is of a very poor quality (in both aesthetics and message), maybe even a shift in company ethos/ownership or it could be to keep up with the visual expectations of the consumer. There are many reasons why a logo re-design may be necessary, but rest assured it is not always a bad thing. The video below shows a few companies you may know who have undergone such a transformation.


How Much Should I Spend On My Corporate Identity?

Many business owners always ask me how much it would be for us to create their logo, or what would be the cost for us to do an aspect of their corporate identity. My answer is always “how much food do you eat when you are hungry?” Usually they reply by saying it depends on how hungry they are at the time, and to that response I always say the same. The cost depends on what it is the client wants at the time. What you as a business owner should do is ask yourself this question “how much am I willing to pay to have a logo which is original, modern, stands out from my competition, represents my business, makes me look professional and has a message which relates to my target audience. If your answer is $10.00 then look for a designer who would do it for that amount. If your answer is $1,000.00 my suggestion is that you do the same. $5,000.00…I think you get the idea. When it comes designing there will always be a wide range of prices, so I urge you to do your research and select a designer capable of adding more to your corporate identity than you originally intended.

On the homepage of the BajanCentral website we made it unequivocally clear the type of clients we entertain. If you are one of those clients in need of some assistance with your corporate identity creation please be sure to Contact Us today! Business is about being professional and all extensions of your business should follow suit. Here is to a better looking tomorrow ;-).

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