How A Survey Can Save Your Entire Business

How A Survey Can Save Your Entire Business

Many businesses in operation today still haven’t realised how powerful a survey can be, and how it could literally be a lifesaver for their entire operation. How is this? Well…first we must realise that similarly to most things a survey is merely a tool, and the efficiency of the tool depends solely on the person who wields it.

The information revealed from a survey (providing the questions were strategically crafted with a specific purpose in mind) can be a potential “game-changer” in an industry, and could very well propel you leaps & bounds beyond your competition.

Funny enough many business owners have never conducted a survey within their organization, and there are some who would claim their business doesn’t need to do such. To that all I can do is quote a famous saying (unfortunately none of mine are famous as yet) which says “Knowledge is power”; however more important than the knowledge is the wisdom to know how to apply it. In short a survey will benefit someone who knows what they are looking for. If you don’t know what you are missing then trying to search for it can be somewhat difficult.

Why Some Businesses Do Not Do Surveys

There are always a myriad of reasons why people choose not to do something (not all reasons being valid); however from a business prospective I really can’t see how a business can afford to not pick the brains of those who pay the bills. Last time I checked a business provides a product/service to meet a particular need which is then offered to a “target market”. How many businesses can you name that stay in business from being the sole buyer of their own products? Personally I can’t name one at this time, but unless your business is capable of being “self-sustaining” you should probably start taking an interest in what your customers have to say.

One of our “soon to be” clients recently approached us regarding the level of engagement they receive when conducting surveys. They stated the amount of persons who complete their surveys is somewhere between 1% – 3%, and they really don’t see the point of conducting them anymore. Now in this particular situation the problem was getting people to take the survey…but wait…couldn’t there be a simple yet logical explanation for why no one gave “two hoots” about taking their survey? Once again there are probably many factors, but here are three (3) main reasons why I personally wouldn’t have taken the survey:

1) It reminded me of when I used to fill out a meal card at primary school (the survey layout was very unattractive).

2) It was six (6) pages long! (Yeah…like I have nothing better to do with my time right!)

and this one is the most important of them all…

3) There was no INCENTIVE!

If time is money and money is time then pray tell why I should give you my valuable time to help make your business better for FREE! I mean come on…customers pay to use your services every single time…is it too much to ask to be given a little something in return for taking the time to help make your business more profitable?

The major players in today’s business world seem to understand the importance of surveys, and more so how to motivate their customers to give them the information they need. Major retail stores such as Taco Bell, Target and even Wal-Mart usually have a survey phone number or website at the bottom of their receipt. When the customer completes the survey they are usually given a coupon, discount on their next purchase, a chance for a monthly draw, store credit…I think you get the idea. There are tons of ways to motivate people to take action, but as a business owner you need to sometimes put yourself in the shoes of your consumers.

The video below shows how businesses make millions by paying consumers to take surveys. They obviously realise they have more to lose by acting on hunches as opposed to factual data.


Six (6) Reasons Why A Survey Is Important To Your Business

Ok, now before I list these reasons I just want you to know that BajanCentral (the company I work for :-) has recently launched a new survey platform which pretty much tops the majority of platforms available out there. It offers all aspects of digital technology, and boasts an admin tool which allows you complete access to all your data without us being involved. To be honest it is pretty awesome, and you are guaranteed high-end surveys which will definitely improve your rate of conversion. Be sure to take our survey which is available on this screen and claim your free gift…and yes…these are the surveys we are talking about :-).

Now back to our story…right…here are the six (6) main reasons for using surveys in your business:

1. It can be used to help improve your product or service.

The right method to creating a product is to first ensure you create a product that people are going to buy. There should be no product developmental process without some degree of customer feedback. In addition, after gaining the customer there is the problem of keeping them. By using surveys you can keep track of ever changing customer expectations, and create a degree of customer loyalty among your core clients.

2. Surveys are the best way to measure customer satisfaction.

Surveys are probably the best way to measure customer satisfaction. It would be good to note that customer satisfaction encompasses all aspects of your business, so it is important to know the key areas that matter to them. Whether it is product related, service related, building related or even staff related a survey is the best way to aggregate all the relevant data to make sound decisions going forward.

3. It allows you to create a better customer experience.

The process of winning new business and retaining existing customers is getting harder and harder. Offering an amazing customer experience is really the best way to not only keep them coming back, but to give them a reason to refer their friends and loved ones to your place of business. A well-crafted survey can give insight into the desires of your customers, and allow you to tailor a solution which meets their needs.

4. Surveys help to improve customer retention.

Remember the saying “Prevention is better than cure”, as this relates directly to the relationship between you and your customers. A survey allows you to be alerted of customer concerns before they decide to try one of your competitors. In other words they can be used as an early warning signal before you permanently lose your customer’s business.

5. Delivers tangible data which can enhance the decision making process.

Hunches are for gamblers…data is for businesses. Customer feedback is the holy grail of tangible data, and you can gain real-time insight to how the customer feels about the product/service you offer. If your customers specify a particular requirement it may be in your best interest to provide it before such us done by your competition.

6. Surveys are great in identifying customer advocates.

A customer advocate is a person who speaks very highly about your business, and the product/service you deliver. These individuals usually give high ratings on your surveys. Identify these people and build stronger mutually beneficial relationships with them. Surveys can be tailor-made for these individuals to include a request for referrals.


To be honest a survey is a very dynamic tool which is only limited by the imagination of the user. Incentivize your surveys with a mouth-dropping presentation to ensure you get the feedback you desire. If you are in need of a survey which will totally impress your audience then you should click the link below to gain more info on our new survey service.

Click here to get more information on how our awesome new survey software can help improve your business.

Also be sure to claim your free gift after taking our survey on this page. Completing this survey will help us know more about your needs, and how we can more effectively help you to reach your marketing goals. Click Here for a free consultation on how our new survey platform can add exponential value to your business.

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