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Marketing Consultancy services are in great demand among many companies in the business world today.It is a sure way to ensure your business has a clear definition of the way forward, while executing strategies geared to help you gain market share among your competitors.

There are too many documented situations where businesses choose to learn about marketing using the most expensive teaching method currently available – trial and error. In an attempt to avoid the upfront cost of hiring a marketing professional, they would rather throw thousands of dollars down the drain while making little to no impact on members of their target audience. This myopic approach to business and marketing usually leaves the company in a state where they eventually realize help is needed. Unfortunately this happens a few tens of thousands of dollars after the fact.


Penny Wise Pound Foolish

Ask yourself the following questions:

a) Are you a professional in your area of expertise?

b) How easy would it be for a novice in your field to gain all the skills and knowledge you have amassed over the years?

c) Why on earth would you then want to risk your business undertaking something such as strategic as marketing knowing full well you aren’t qualified in that area of expertise?

Trying to save a few dollars is always a good thing, but not when the long term result ends up making you pay times more than the amount you “thought” you saved. Think having a marketing consultant is expensive? If so try having an amateur take charge of your marketing.


Marketing Consultancy Vs Trail & Error

Many businesses only see financial projections as an indicator of success; however there is more to be lost in business than just money. Let me give you an example…why do you think so many people today buy Apple products?
Is it because they have the best available products on the market? Or maybe it’s because we all love the thought of eating an apple? Take a look at the video below and see what their marketing team has come up with.

The truth is that Apple does have some amazing products, but all of them are not amazing. Despite this fact these “not so amazing” products still make their way into the houses of consumers who then boast about their sub-par experience. The key word here is perception. Apple’s marketing team has to be very strategic in regards to the messages they send to their target audience, as one mistake could literally cost them billions of dollars. Apple at this time in 2015 is considered as a brand of excellence and exclusivity. People literally buy Apple products and assume it is the best prior to even testing the product. This perception of Apple has made them one of the most profitable companies per square foot in the world, and the marketing team continues to tweak their campaigns to suit the needs of their existing target market.

Here’s a look at another similar product that some of you guys may have heard about. Note the difference in marketing style.

Now here’s the question. Which of the two products above do you think is better? When we asked random tech users this question the majority sided with the Ipad Pro. Funny enough when I asked them if they ever heard of the “Surface Pro 4” the majority said no despite saying the Ipad Pro was better. How can you say one is better if you don’t know anything about the rival? Once again it all boils down to perception, and good for Apple as the Ipad Pro starts at a whopping $800.00USD. For those of you who are more interested in the facts you can see the results from a very reliable tech source (Cnet) below.

Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro 4

Ipad Pro Ipad Pro


Do You Need A Marketing Consultant?

How do your customers perceive your business? Are you seen as a brand of quality, exclusivity or maybe just an affordable option? It all affects your marketing! Our team of marketing professionals can help you create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message and identify the appropriate mix to disseminate the message to your audience. We will monitor the results and tweak as necessary to ensure you achieve the best R.O.I. via your marketing efforts.
Need more information? Not a problem! Contact Us to learn more about your business in regards to marketing Today!

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