Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy Development

Online Marketing (about 15 years years ago) was an option for most businesses to consider. Some would say “Hey! Let’s create an online profile so we can educate viewers about our business through our profile”, or “Let’s get one of those “website thingys” and put some cool images on it for people to see”, or maybe even “This mailing over the internet tool is pretty cool. How about we send this free mail to our customers telling them about our next sale!”. I think you guys get the idea. Back in the day it was “a thing to do” if you desired; however in 2015 online marketing isn’t now an option…it is a means of survival.


The Evolution Of The Customer Approach

The whole model of advertisng is to place a company’s material in a medium which is used by their target audience. Well…that’s at least what it should be. Back in the day it was the newspaper, television, radio and other traditional forms of advertising. Today with the advent of the internet (and online marketing) things have changed. In the beginning customers had to wait to be informed about what was going on. They had to wait on the paper on a daily basis, or sit and wait until 6pm to get an update on the news channel. In 2015 we get updated literally in seconds (whether we want to or not)! More-so people no longer have to wait on anything as they did once before…they now have the option of seeking the information they desire independently. This means a company now has to be aware of where the customer goes to receive their information. Once the source has been determined the company now has to ensure their offerings are made available via that particular medium. The customer of today is not the customer of yesterday.


The Internet & Online Marketing

I think we all know by now that the internet is now the biggest source for information in the world today. What is even more important is that it is the biggest “used” information source in the world today. Which means unlike the local library which can only facilitate a specified numner of readers per day – the internet has no such boundaries and can accommodate billions at a time 24 hours per day 7 days per week. The biggest seller of the internet isn’t only the number of persons who use it, but mainly the convenience in which it can be accessed. The internet is everywhere and can be accessed anytime providing a connection is present. The tenets of online marketing are based on these 8 logical truths:

1) customers are always online

2) customers use the internet for various reasons

3) the purchasing of products and services is one of the said reasons

4) your businesses sells a product or a service

5) ergo your products and services should be online

6) if every business realises this fact there must then be a wrong way to do it and a right way to do it

7) it would be better if your business did it the right way

8) you need a strategy – an online marketing strategy

Once you accept the truths above you are well on your way to understanding how this new dynamic can drastically affect your bottom line.


Why Online Marketing

The answer to this question is actually as simple as it is logical. Consumers in today’s world have too many choices and need to be reminded that you exist. Online Marketing or the term “Marketing” doesn’t always refer to sales, but moreso to the activity which brings favourable returns back to your company. Statistics have proven people in this day spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, and this is where you as a company need to be…in the faces of those interested in the products and services you have to offer.

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