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Creating scripts for radio, tv & video is what we do; however it is important to know which of the two writing styles will be best suited for your project. The first style will require a copywriter. Copywriters usually write for the following: websites, brochures, ads, press releases, blog posts, magazine/ezine articles, radio/tv commercials, product labels/packaging materials, direct mailers, technical manuals, textbooks, sales video scripts etc. Copywriters specialize in writing non-fiction. We have already written an excellent article on our copywriting services which you can view by clicking here.

The other element is “Creative” writing and examples of such would be poems, novels, short stories, screenplays, songs, television scripts etc. In summary creative writing expresses thoughts and ideas in an imaginative way. This type of writing is usually classified as fiction.

Copywriting vs Creative Writing

Copywriter or Creative writer…which Should You Hire?

If you are still not sure on which style you need for your script then maybe this rule of thumb will help. If you are looking to sell a product or a service then hire a copywriter. If you are looking for a way to express an idea/concept in an imaginative way which doesn’t have to be realistic or factual then hire a creative writer. The art of selling ideas for monetary gain lies with the copywriter; while the art of entertainment/storytelling lies with the creative writer.

How Can You Add Creativity To Copywriting

Please don’t confuse the word “creativity” with the word “engaging”. Copywriting is very creative as without a certain degree of creativity it would be virtually impossible to make customers take action when viewing your advertisement. The science which drives copywriting is knowing how to get the viewer to “see what they need to see” and then “do what you want them to do”. If you find the need to be overly fictitious to sell your product then maybe the problem doesn’t lie with the writing – it may just be the product!

Unfortunately we don’t offer creative writing services; however if you are looking for an engaging script that will engage your audience and drive sales, then our copywriting services are probably your best bet. To find out more about how we can help engage your audience feel free to contact us today for a free review of your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Please note we are not responsible for protecting intellectual property via a copyright. For this service you will require a lawyer, and that isn’t our field of expertise. We did however happen to stumble across an interesting video on YouTube which is not only hilarious, but very informative in regards to copyrights. Take a look at the crazy video below :D.

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