Animated Video Creation

Reasons For Animated Video Creation

Animated videos are probably one of best inventions ever created by mankind! It isn’t so often that such a game-changing discovery will go unnoticed, so it was only a matter of time before the “marketing gurus” started putting these fun loving characters to work. By leveraging the power of animation, companies have now found a new way to capture the attention of their audience while disseminating the intended message to prospective customers.

Animated Videos Vs Live Action Videos

Now first let me say I’m not saying animated videos are better than live action videos (we really can’t because both have their individual strengths), as any video can be effective whether it be a live action video (using real people) or an animated video (using animated characters). The video you choose should depend on what it is you are trying to accomplish, the target audience, available resources and the intended time frame towards completion. Here are a few situations where an animated video would be best suited:

– Company, service or product overviews
– Product demonstrations
– Social Campaigns
– How-to demonstrations
– Promotional sales
– Anything to do with explaining
– Anything to do with teaching, education, learning & advertising

*Anything which is complex is better explained with an animated video. See an example in the video below.

Clearly you can see it is quite a long list; however the reason for this is mainly due to the level of flexibility associated with animated videos. Live action videos are best when used to develop personable relationships, entertain viewers at events and when the aim is to make your message more relatable. Below are a few situations where a live action video would be best suited:

– Broadcasts or web commercials
– Customer testimonials
– Case studies
– Event promo or highlight reel
– Company culture videos

The above situations should hopefully provide more insight as to how each of these marketing tools can be used more efficiently. Now…on to more animated videos: :-)

The Psychology Of Animated Videos

Have you ever wondered why so many of these corporate entities are now using animated videos in their marketing? If you aren’t familiar with the trend feel free to take a look at the example below.

I am sure some of them are doing it just because it seems to be the “in thing” to do; however psychologists have studied the phenomena and such has given rise to reasons which are more than just noteworthy. You see…no one questions a talking mouse or a walking pencil in an animated video. For some reason we never say “wait a second…mice don’t talk so turn the video off!” We accept the impossible without question and focus more on the actual message. Psychologists call this “The Suspension of Disbelief”. Can you imagine a world where people didn’t care about appearances and only judged you based on the quality of your work? Welcome to the world of animation!

So do you now see the reason why so many companies are leveraging this new way of video marketing? It allows the viewer to stop being analytical about things which are not important, and focus on the message within the video. From birth we have been conditioned to love cartoons and many adults to this day still enjoy a good animation. Cartoons have the ability to make us drop our guard, and that’s exactly what you want your audience to do when they hear information regarding your product. For this reason we advise you add animated videos to your marketing efforts.

Are Animated Videos More Expensive Than Live Action Videos?

Well before I answer this question let me just say that there is a cost associated with video in general, as it is the ultimate way to communicate with your audience. On that note live action videos are definitely more expensive. Why? Well if you have a commercial with an exploding building you will probably need a demolition crew, stunt men, video crew, paid location, video equipment, casting, lighting equipment, hair and makeup, art direction and the list goes on.

BajanCentral is currently located on the tropical isle of Barbados, and to date we have had no locally produced commercials of the magnitude described above. In other words given the live video limitations of the island it is very possible for an animated video to be more expensive than a live video in this particular situation.

Animated Turkey

If you are looking for an animated video there are three (3) sure factors which will determine the cost. Take a look at the factors below:

– Type of graphics (Custom or standard graphics)
– Type of movements (how complex are the movements of the characters & props)
– Length of video (a 30 second video will not be as expensive as a 90 second video)


The Two Major Types of Animated Videos

At BajanCentral we realise all businesses may not be able to afford a high end custom-made video, so we have separated our animation video services to give our clients two available options. Please see the options below:

Custom Animated Video: This video is custom-made for the client and contains all original works. All characters and props are created for and only for the client, and will not be used again for any projects or by any clients. This is an extremely high end video, and will encompass all the themes and key elements of the client.

Standard Animated Video: A very professional video with no custom characters or props. All elements are taken from our existing library and blended to make an original work for the client. The created video or theme will not be reproduced for any client; however other clients will have access to the props and characters should this option be utilized.

Both of the options above will produce an outstanding high quality video for your business; however some companies may want to take it to the highest level. Should this be the case the custom-made animation would be the animation of choice.

The Process of Creating a Custom-made Animated Video

Without a doubt creating a custom-made animated video is a very long process which takes a large amount of time and tweaking. Unlike a live action video animated videos take weeks to produce while a live action video can be completed days after the shoot. Here is a look at the process we take when creating an animated video:

Stage 1: Research & Scripting

A video is nothing without a well written script; hence it takes time for us to fully understand the direction you want the video to take prior to synthesizing it into the required number of words. Remember that each video also needs creative direction, and a storyline which can take a while for all parties to agree upon.

Stage 2: Style & Illustration

All characters and props are drawn by hand prior to being scanned and digitized. The client must agree on the illustration to advance from this stage.

Stage 3: Storyboarding

Once the script and illustrations have been completed, a static representation of the video is done in animated form.

Stage 4: Voiceover Week

One of our professional voice artists will record an audio version of the script.

Stage 5: Animation

This is the most labour intensive part of the entire process, and where the majority of time will be spent. All finished work is imported into our software & countless hours are spent ensuring every piece of animation has the correct movement.

Stage 6: Music & Sound Effects

In this process our sound engineer mixes all various aspects of the audio. This is an extremely important process as sound has the ability to make or break the video.

So now you know the process, and what is involved to bring an animated video from concept to completion. Rest assured the impact of a well scripted animated video is profound and well worth the time/effort in the long run. We are now going to touch base on a few of the reasons why you should use more animated videos in your marketing.


10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Animated Video

Reason #1: Increases conversion rates.

Oh yeah this is a big one, and some surveys have concluded that animated videos increase sales conversions by as much as 200% – 300%. Other surveys have stated that if a person is on the fence about buying a product, a well scripted animated video has an 85% chance of tilting them towards making a purchasing decision.

Another great advantage is the fact that sales videos usually keep track of how many people viewed the video. This means you can get an idea of which of your products are popular among your customers. With this information you can focus on making the necessary changes to the product which can then greatly improve your conversion rates.

Reason #2: Sends a clear message to your audience.

Sometimes words in the form of text can be misinterpreted by the reader; however a video tends to take all the guess work out of the equation. Using animated videos to send clear messages to your audience reinforces the reason why the customer should choose you over your competitors.

Reason #3: Generates interest in your product or service.

When a viewer sees a “product related” animated video a natural curiosity usually begins to set in. This curiosity by-passes all the senses, and generates an interest which makes the viewer want to know more about the product. Studies have shown that viewers usually take longer to exit animated product videos than regular live action product videos.

Reason #4: Better rank in Google search results.

Websites with videos usually rank higher in Google search results. Videos also tend to keep visitors on your website longer than if you had no videos at all. This attribute also helps in your website’s overall ranking, as search engines associate longer viewing times with relevant content.

Reason #5: Increased web traffic.

Having an engaging animated video gives you the opportunity to go viral. Websites with viral videos will benefit from tons of free traffic, and experience an increase in conversions due to the video’s call to action.

Reason #6: Helps your audience retain important information.

According to a study conducted by the “Wharton Research Center” the average person retains 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see. It makes sense to invest in a form of communication which will have a more significant impact on your target audience.

Reason #7: Adds some excitement to your sales pitch.

Seriously now…who really likes to read a person’s sales pitch? ? No one! Customers rather a live presentation or an explainer video which lets them know how the product would be of value to them. An animated video not only gives them a reason, but can also make the reasoning entertaining. Quit only resorting to pdf and PowerPoint sales copy.

Reason #8: Maximizes the use of already existing content.

All the copy you have written can be transformed into an animated video which will present the same information in a fraction of the time. This allows you to market the same information over different mediums without constantly having to spend time creating new content. This way you get maximum exposure for all the content you have previously created.

Reason #9: Easily Sharable

Customers are more likely to share a video than a web page. Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) which were once predominantly image and text based, have now recently added video elements which allows viewers to constantly watch videos without the need for viewing images or text. In the beginning people mainly used words to communicate…then came images…now it’s video!

Reason #10: Sets you apart from your competition & establishes you as a market leader.

Let’s be honest…all businesses don’t use video. When a business creates a video it sends a creative message to the public while establishing them as a market leader within their field. A video which is remembered by viewers will remind them of your business when the time comes for them to make a purchase. Businesses with animated videos are also perceived as being more tech savvy & professional. These perceptions are sometimes the distinguishing factors which determine whether a consumer will buy your product or that of your competitor.

The Animated Video Summary

There you have it folks! I believe that was probably everything you needed to know about animated videos in a nutshell. If you are ready to take your business to the next level with a standard or custom-made video be sure to Contact Us, and we’ll take an in-depth look into the scope of your project.

Video is here to stay, and as time progresses the demand for video content will continue to rise. Not having a video for your business sets limitations on your marketing which will preclude your ability to use more efficient techniques in the future. The result is paying more for less while other businesses take advantage of new available marketing strategies.

Let us advise you on how to make an impactful animated video regardless of your current budget. Call us or Contact Us today for your free evaluation!

– BajanCentral

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