Company: DC Office People Inc.

Congratulations to DC Office People Inc. for being in business for over twenty (20) years. We created the said service logo which was well received by our designers, the Client and the members of our selected focus group.

Much thought goes into our branding as it is important for imagery to have meaning. The “wreath” in the service logo was a prominent symbol in ancient Roman and Greek culture which was used to signify importance, excellence in servitude and in some cases divinity. The wreath was also an important part of the attire for designated high ranking officials. The five (5) stars on each side of the twenty year symbol symbolizes “five star” service for each of the ten years which in total amounts to 20 years of service. The open-ended logo symbolizes adaptability to change as the logo visually adapts to all colour spectrums while retaining the essence of the DC Office People Inc. branding.

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