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Company: Quest Rent-A-Car Limited

This car rental website is clean and simple, yet it has features not currently available on the web by those companies leading the industry. This website is “Responsive” which means it will be perfectly displayed on all platforms capable of displaying the internet. It also has an efficient booking system and an area where various videos (and text) can be uploaded to provide a wealth of information for those considering visiting the island. A Content Management System (CMS) has also been included to give our client full access to the site and to make changes at their discretion. We advise all car rental businesses to have user friendly websites for their potential customers.

Just because you are smaller than your competition doesn’t mean you have to look that way. Our competitive analysis ensures you match up or surpass your competition upon the completion of your project. Click the link below to see the full screen view of this project. (When the image appears just click it once for full screen)

Quest Rent-A-Car Limited Website Screenshot

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