Now as we already know anyone who is serious about their business should have a logo; however one must realise we aren’t still stuck in the stone ages where a print on a piece of paper is the only way to convey a message. Everything has now been digitized and likewise so should your logo. Sounds via the use of “Jingles” can be used to identify businesses, and the same can be done by the way your logo is portrayed on the big screen. There is a feeling which is emitted when the logo starts to take form digitally, and this feeling should be one synonymous with your business.

Our enhanced logo represents the ability for us to visualise the entire situation (our target engulfs the entire screen from above), pinpoint the needed area of focus (the target then zooms in on one area symbolized by the yellow dot) and then synchronize all elements needed to produce the desired effect (the inner workings of the target move together in a clockwise direction symbolically showing the process of time towards completion). You can also hear electricity and a mechanical process in the background which symbolizes the work being done throughout the process.