Company: GoVideo

Flat logo design is pretty much “the style” at this time and focuses on being simple, to the point, meaningful and impactful. Despite the simplistic appearance of this logo, one would be surprised to know it actually took longer to conceptualize than some of our other more “complex” logos.

Flat design is becoming the preferred logo of choice by many established and upcoming businesses. The concept of “less being more” has finally resonated within the business community to the point where many world renowned businesses have redesigned their logo to meet more simplistic requirements.

From a marketing perspective these logo types have numerous advantages over their more complex counterparts. To see examples of established businesses that have changed their logo from complex to flat design please view the last video on the following link. Click here to view the link.

If you are in need of a logo, or maybe a re-design of your existing logo be sure to Contact Us and we’ll take it from there.

Remember your logo is your businesses summarized in visual form and in some cases can make or break your business. For professional logo design be sure to make BajanCentral your #1 choice.;-)