Company: AK Supplies

Here’s another piece of work which delighted our team, and once again resulted in producing a product which perfectly represented the Client. Branding is about thought and expressing your company in a visual form which symbolically captures the essence of your business. This is an example of a re-branding logo.

The arrows symbolize a constant perpetual forward motion in a specified direction while the streaks of light against the logo is the “glazed” effect as the speed of progress is comparative only to that of the speed of light. Although the “A” is at the beginning of the logo, symbolically it is at the end of the perpetual motion, and it is the driving force which is constantly trying to overtake the “K” hence the shadow. The other letters of the logo must constantly increase their motion to ensure they are never overshadowed by the “A”. This logo symbolizes a constant forward motion towards success.

If you’d like for us to conceptualize a logo for your company be sure to Contact Us so we can discuss the details.