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Whether you want to believe it or not the majority of high-end companies that do business over the telephone all have scripted responses for their customers. In other words, these companies have taken the time to analyse their target market, their questions, their needs & their responses prior to creating an engaging dialogue which will encourage their customers to take action. So the next time you are on the telephone and you hear words flowing so euphoniously from the mouth of the speaker, just know they have all been derived from a well scripted sales script.

Now it would be good to mention that not everyone is on board with the need for sales scripts. I have actually heard a few business owners express concern when entertaining the thought of having their sales executives read from a script. Being a student of life I was forced to ask them for their reasoning, and to my question I received the following answers below:

– Using a sales script makes you sound like a telemarketer.
– It is better to “go with the flow”. A script makes you think within a box.
– Sounding like a robot turns people off.
– You can’t have a real conversation if you are reading from a script.
– Every situation can’t be scripted.
– Scripts were ok in the beginning, but as pros we don’t need them anymore.
– People can always tell that you are reading something.

Sales Scripts Are Great For Business

In response to the reasons above let me just say that these business owners have obviously never come across a true sales professional. The best sales scripts are the ones which are internalized by the representative, and then passed on to the customer in a way which meets the individual need of each customer.

OK, here’s another way at looking at it which may drive home the point. Do actors in movies use scripts? Do some sound rehearsed while others sound natural? Just for the record we call those who sound rehearsed “bad actors” (for e.g. 50 cent), and the ones which sound natural “good actors” (for e.g. Brad Pitt). The actor’s job is to sell you the character they are portraying in the script in a way which allows you to see past who they really are, and zoom in on the actual message carried within the words. Does this sound familiar?

Sales Sripts Needed

Similarly they are good sales representatives and bad sales representatives. A good sales representative will learn the script, and deliver a performance worthy of the good actors we just mentioned above. A bad sales representative will give you a response that is tantamount to George Bush Jr. giving a live speech while viewing it on a teleprompter.

Good actors usually add significant value to movies, and the same can be said in regards to good sales representatives. A sales script is only a tool, and like most tools the results will vary depending on the skill of the user. For this reason directors usually try to hire good actors, and you should in turn try to hire some good sales representatives.

Good Reasons For Having Sales Scripts

Speaking of good sales executives I almost forgot! Here are a few good reasons why you should have sales scripts for your sales executives:-D :

– Following a script actually makes you sound more professional.
– Following a script ensures you ask all the right questions.
– Scripts make your job easier as you already know where the conversation is going and how to deal with it.
– Scripts force you to truly listen to what the customer is saying.
– Having a script gives you confidence and control over the sales process.
– Following a script allows you to practice the “correct” responses every day on every call.

Funny enough each of the reasons above will have a significant impact on the sales process, and it is probably in your best interest to ensure the situation is handled correctly at each stage. What is even funnier is even if you haven’t already given your sales team a sales script, you already have one being used in your business everyday as we speak! You didn’t know? Well humans are creatures of habit, so rest assured that whoever is doing your sales already has a methodology they apply to each scenario. The question is (a) is it efficient and (b) are the responses having the impact you desire on your business?

The Final Scenario

Let me share with you a secret and a brief scenario to make it unequivocally clear. If you asked your significant other if they loved you, and instead of saying the word “Yes” they hesitated for a bit before answering…what would you think? Would you be truly convinced? In our office we have a saying which goes like this “If you have to think before you respond it is already too late”. Many customers make buying decisions not only on what “was” said, but also based on what “was not” said.

Quote Two

For the reason above I strongly suggest you respect the words being used with your customers, and invest in a sales script which is geared to increase your response rate, conversion rate and the overall engagement your sales executives have with your customers.

If you are looking for engaging sales scripts which are tailor-made for your business, please feel free to Contact Us for more information on how we can help improve this area of your business. Our group of marketing professionals are ready to assist, and as an added bonus will give a free evaluation (limited offer) of your current sales team. Be sure to ask about the “free evaluation” when contacting us today!

P.S. Here is a link to some funny sales scenarios which you may find interesting.

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