Video Intros & Editing

Video Intros & Editing

In today’s busy world the whole reason for advertising and marketing is really to get the viewer’s attention. Think about it…with all the thousands of events, circumstances, product launches, articles, controversial topics and other “captivating” articles available online, why should a viewer take the time to watch your video presentation which probably has little to no impact on the world or its audience?

If you are willing to come to terms that your video is only one of a few million that is actively competing for your viewer’s attention, you may then begin to realise that you may need to put in a little “extra” if you intend to persuade the viewer to give you the time of day. That “extra” is having the courtesy to give the potential viewer a heads up about what they are about to watch and why they should be watching it. We accomplish this by providing a video intro for the presentation which sets the tone for the actual video which is to come.

Feel free to take a look at the video below, which gives additional input on the use of video intros and the impact they can have on your video presentations.


The Importance Of Video Editing

Everyone always puts emphasis on good quality sound and audio (which is of course a good thing); however the overall flow of your production will be based almost entirely upon the skills of your editor. Editing is all about viewer engagement, and it is very possible (just like many of the movies we watch today) to have the best equipment, the best actors and still have an awful movie. Why does it happen? It usually happens simply because the transitions, sceens and the overall quality of certain “auxiliary” elements weren’t given the needed attention they deserved. To take a look at some decent editing try viewing the scenes below.

The Summary

In the end if you want an impactful presentation you are going to need not only video editing, but potentially sound editing as well. Our team can add insight to your project and help you to create a spectacle which may indeed surpass your original expectations. Slight and sometimes subtle changes can make or break your project, so be sure to keep us in mind the next time you have that raw footage which needs to be turned into your next masterpiece.

To contact us directly please CLICK HERE and our team will respond to you shortly.

All the best and to your success.

– The Team At BajanCentral

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