WhyYour Business Needs A Mobile App

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile APP Today

Answering the question of “Why your business needs a mobile app today” is similar to answering the question most businesses asked a decade ago which was “Why does your business need a website”. Unfortunately, some businesses to this day seem to have still not figured out the answer to the latter. If you are one of those businesses feel free to have the question answered by clicking here.

Being successful in today’s competitive marketplace will in most cases not only require a good product/service, but the ability for those leading the company to see the direction the market is heading. A leader who is a visionary will be able to perceive beforehand how new innovations can help enhance the efficiency of the company. In other cases a leader may lack the foresight to see the future state of the market, and may join the proverbial band wagon at a time where entry offers less opportunity than it did in the earlier stages.

In summary just like websites mobile apps are here to stay, so you can either get accustomed to using the apps of your competitors or focus on creating one of your own.

Apps Here To Stay

One Good Reason Not To Have A Mobile App

If you are that person who wants to always be playing “catch up” or if you intentionally want to be left behind by your competitors then by all means a mobile app is definitely not for you. In addition if you haven’t yet noticed that people are always talking on their phone, texting while at work, while at home, while driving (dangerous), while eating, before going to bed, as soon as they are awake, while jogging, when at break, while talking to their boyfriend, while talking to their girlfriend, while talking to another person’s girlfriend, when boarding a plane, while looking for lunch…and get with this….some people just look at their phone for NO REASON WHATSOEVER!

Now I could literally go on listing scenarios for some time; however if you really can’t “logically” see the value of having your business being associated with something which some people today claim they literally can’t live without then for sure a mobile app for your business is definitely not for you.

Wait a sec…how many times have you been talking to someone, and a subtle “ping” was all it took to get their attention? Yes, they are still looking at you, but their eyes are really saying “Please get on with it so I can GO CHECK MY PHONE”. Sounds familiar? What if you could leverage that behaviour and have people respond the same way to your business?

The Big Difference Between A Mobile App & A Mobile Website

Just so you know, we create these articles to ensure people who know nothing about the topic leave with enough information to make sound informed decisions going forward. Now in order to fully understand how powerful a tool an app can be for your business, it is important to first outline the differences between a mobile app and a mobile website.

A mobile website is specifically designed for smaller screens and the touch screen capabilities of smartphones and tablets. These mobile websites can be accessed via any web browser available on the mobile device.

A mobile app is a smartphone or tablet application. Unlike a mobile website a mobile app must be downloaded by the user and installed on to the mobile device. These applications can be downloaded from private sources; however they are usually available on Google’s Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS).

Benefits Of A Mobile Website

A mobile website makes websites more accessible to mobile users. It can have all the elements of the regular version of the website, but it features a layout which makes it easier for mobile users to read and interact with the website on their mobile device. Mobile websites ensure all the website’s content is legible and functional when accessed. This allows customers to view your website at any time on any mobile device without compromising the user experience.

Benefits Of A Mobile App

A mobile app can do everything which is done by a mobile website and more. A mobile app literally gives the business the advantage of having their own corner on a customer’s device. To be more precise a mobile app actually becomes integrated with the customer’s hardware, and gives your business access to elements not possible with a mobile website.

For example a mobile app can be closed or inactive, but still be working in the background by sending information to the user and collecting data pertaining to the customer’s preferences and behaviours. Mobile apps also make it easier to deploy marketing tools such as loyalty programs and coupons which can greatly affect the repurchase rate of your customers. Take a look at the video below from an Australian company (the information is pretty spot on, but I think we need to offer them some of our video services :-D)


7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

Ok, so despite all of the information above we are now going to give you 7 key reasons why you should have an app for your business. Should this article be of interest to you just remember we can create a custom-made app for your business regardless of your position in your industry. If you already have your own ideas just bring them to the table…if you are open-minded to some insight then by all means contact us and let’s get started.

Now here are 7 reasons you should take into consideration:

1. Always Be Visible to Customers

Statistics say that the average person spends at least (2) hours per day on their mobile device. Being there to be seen for those 2 hours of each day can be advantageous to your business, as the brain subconsciously records every image seen by the eyes. In other words the customer will consciously and subconsciously be reminded of your business whether they are currently using your app or not. People usually gravitate to buying from businesses which are familiar to them.

2. A Direct Marketing Channel

Apps have many features which include providing general information, prices, competitions, promotions, news feeds, search features and much more. One of the biggest advantages of having an app is all of the information is right at the user’s fingertips. With the advent of “push notifications” (this is the way a business sends you messages through their app) you now have access to your customers whenever their phone is on, and you can communicate with them whenever it suits you.

3. Added Value to Your Customers

Do you currently create coupons or loyalty cards for your customers? Instead of putting them on websites which have to be viewed online or printing them directly on paper why not digitize them and put them on your app? Now customers have access to your promotions at the click of a button, and can claim these promotions via the use of their mobile device. The result? More downloads and more return customers.

4. Build Brand and Recognition

Mobile apps really contribute to your brand awareness. Here is a brief breakdown which explains how having a business app will really help in this area.

Brand: A mobile app is an extension of your business, and you can pretty much make it look and react however you want. Having an extension of your business which is elegantly created, useful and has a beautiful design will have a positive impact on your company’s brand.

Recognition: The more involved a person becomes with any aspect of your company (once it is a positive experience) increases the chances of them buying your product. Giving customers a reason to get involved with your app is the fastest and easiest way to make them aware of what you have to offer. In advertising this is called “effective frequency” and this states that in order for a person to truly notice your product they will need to see it approximately 20 times. Give them a reason to use the app and 20 times may be accomplished in less than 20 minutes!

App Stats

5. Greatly Improve Customer Engagement

In a world where people are constantly texting, it isn’t a surprise that people rather communicate via text than by phone. It is much easier for a customer to contact you via a form on your app with 2 clicks than to call your place of business, or go to your website online to fill out a form. In the end the aim is to make the task as seamless for your customer as possible. Better communication always leads to better engagement.

6. Stand Out From the Competition

Only the most elite of businesses usually have an app for their business, and having an app has the ability to make a business seem very much in touch with the technological era. Customers are always impressed by businesses that have a forward thinking approach.

7. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Now this in my opinion is the main reason you should have an app for your business. With all the distractions out there – banners, signage, flashing signs, newspaper ads, tv commercials, flyers, websites, email marketing, facebook ads, google ads etc. – we slowly lose the impact our advertising has on customers due to the amount of advertising which surrounds us all. Due to this, a direct connection which allows a business to get their message to the intended customer can have a positive effect on both current and potential customers.

It would be good to know that when a person downloads your app it means they are consciously either curious or interested in what your company has to offer. It is much easier to advertise to a person who wants to hear what you have to say than to push your ideas on to a person who just isn’t interested in what you have to offer. Wouldn’t it make sense to lock in your already existing customers with an app to ensure you can have better interaction with them than your competition? Unlike your competition that has to spend money in advertising to reach them you can literally engage them at the click of a button. Welcome to marketing in the technological age. ;-D

Get Your App For Your Business Today

With technology on the rise and the constant use of mobile applications you may definitely be in the market for an app for your business. Business apps can also considerably lower your marketing costs, and increase efficiency by only targeting customers who are interested in the products you have to offer. To learn more about creating an app for your business which can add considerable value to your marketing efforts, please feel free to contact us here to get started today!

P.S. Your business deserves at least one app, but world renowned companies such as Google have several. Take a look at all the apps we take for granted at the link below.

Click Here To See Google’s Apps

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